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Client Case Molecular Devices HMI for medical research
News CLAIMS Questions for 2018 (and beyond)
Client Case Bosch Smart Home iOS App
Client Case Daimler AG Sensor layout in VR
Case Study Airbus / Local Motors The drone project
Client Case Hitachi AD - Preview assistant


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Amplify works for clients like BBC, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Nokia and Zeiss on challenges like automated drive, smart home and semantic web. Evenso we do production development, this activity is mostly taken care of by the client or partners.

About amplify

We are Erfinder

We are Erfinder, a team of designers and engineers creating and verifying concepts, technologies and experiences. In concert with our clients we’re innovating products and services.

We propose for change to follow innovations. People don’t follow slides and thinking, to be inspired people want to understand the heart of innovation and touch it. So we build the heart and inspire people for change.

The way we work is defined by the following milestones: Lead and trust - Management to lead and provide trust to small, fast moving innovation teams. Ideation - Unearth existing ideas and complement with others to build substance for concepts. Concept - Challenge concepts and identify few to be explored in pre-development. Feasibility - Verification of technologies, balance complexity and innovation. Experience - Design, explore and prototype the consumer experience . Initial testing - Test in markets intended and iterate. Subject of change - Assess methods and procedures to produce and maintain innovative products. Unterstand the implications and chances for people involved. Inspire - Use prototypes, new methods and changes to disciplines to inspire people involved.



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Job offers

Data Wizard / Software Engineer

BIG in data and programming
  • Empathic with clients, their clients and colleagues
  • understand business, design intelligence and machine learning platforms
  • BIG on data acquisition, modeling/production of data and visualization
  • perform as analyst, architect and programmer
  • ETL towards machine learning and algorithms

Empathic operation

Motivated to guide business and projects
  • Empathic with clients, their clients and colleagues
  • Self-driven contribution around setup, transparency and flow
  • Personal valuation of methods and formalism
  • Frequent serendipity for others and yourself
  • Communication, analytic and language skills

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amplify design GmbH

Robert Schrem Founder and CEO

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