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ESF 2019

ESF 2019

Mercedes Benz demonstrates with the ESF 2019 (Experimental Safety Vehicle) new and further developed safety concepts. amplify design produced 13 animated films to explain defined safety functions, which are brought into context and made tangible. The films are divided into active and passive safety concepts, with a special focus on the safety of an autonomous car in general traffic.

The entire production of the 13 films was accomplished with the company’s own resources. The storyboards, the 3D design, as well as sound effects and music were specifically developed for the ESF 2019. amplify design used the 3D software Cinema 4D for the individual production steps like modeling, rigging, lighting and shading as well as texturing.

Adobe Premiere Pro was chosen to reconcile footage, voiceover and sound effects in the post production procedure. amplify design’s render farm ensured an agile production process and therefore fast results.

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