Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

For the presentation of the Intelligent Drive Services of the S-Class, amplify design was commissioned to develop a Virtual Reality installation for the IAA 2017 by Daimler. This installation makes it possible to visualize driver assistance systems with the help of 3D animations and 360˚ videos and to familiarize customers with the safety features of the vehicles. The VR Experience is controlled by a presenter via a touch display, integrated into a table in order to respond specifically to the wishes and questions of the visitors. Later on, the A-Class and GLE models as well as their assistance systems were integrated into the application. DIGITAL LIGHT was likewise implemented and can be activated in night scenes.

amplify design developed the user interface with which the presenter flexibly assembles different scene sequences. The scenarios contain typical traffic situations and vary between day and night mode. The presenter can pause the animations at any time or activate a slow motion mode. Furthermore, he can display help texts for the current situation. Additional functions, such as the selection of the vehicle model and its color, enable the presenter to respond individually to visitor requests.

360° & 3D View

The VR animations are supported by real-filmed 360˚ videos in which visitors can experience the assistance functions from the driver’s perspective. Objects and actions detected by sensors are highlighted in the videos. Complex situations, such as parking with cross traffic, are further explained with rendered 360˚ animated films.

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