Milla & Partner

Bosch IT Campus Foyer

Bosch IT Campus Foyer

Milla & Partner designed an interactive exhibition for the foyer of Bosch’s new IT Campus, which symbolically portrays the networked future of Bosch. The exhibition comprises of four different media installations and amplify design was responsible for the hardware and software implementation in cooperation with a media technology system integrator.

128 networked info bots, consisting of mini-computers (Raspberry Pi) with displays and loudspeakers, provide information about projects on the IT Campus. To bring a group of bots to life with light and sound effects, radar sensors are used to detect approaching visitors. A Unity application runs on the connected bots, bringing different topics closer to the user. A capacitive proximity sensor is used as an input medium to detect user interactions at the respective bot. The tasks performed by amplify design included the circuit board and sound design, the LED technology, the control of the bots via LAN as well as the entire software development. To cover the bots, additional prototypes for the casing were designed and printed in 3D.

The Media Table functions as a digital knowledge magazine and offers customers, employees and applicants detailed information about Bosch. amplify design was responsible for the software development of the application, based on Milla & Partner’s design. The Media Table consists of a touch display and was implemented with Angular 2+. In addition, amplify design developed a WPF tool for data maintenance and content generation as well as the implementation of the software to control the Flip Dot Wall and the Opinion Barometer.

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