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Changi Experience Studio

Changi Experience Studio

Milla & Partner conceptualized a cross-media exhibition for the new shopping and entertainment complex „Jewel“ at Singapore Airport - the Changi Experience Studio. amplify design was commissioned for the software implementation and applied the NO_THING technology, which was developed by Milla & Partner. This technology makes it possible to turn a simple piece of cardboard into an input device on which additional contents can be projected. Using the Unity Engine, amplify design developed 16 different applications that allow visitors to take a look behind the scenes of the airport. The creative conception as well as the design of the games was carried out by Milla & Partner.


One station of the Changi Experience Studio is Sky Deck, consisting of two applications: Sky Deck Flights visualizes all flight routes of Changi Airport on 40 monitors. For this purpose, a video stream was split into 40 Full-HD movies, which are played synchronously. Adobe After Affects was used for this implementation. With Sky Deck Destination, flight destinations can be explored using the Travel Guide, which is based on the NO_THING-Technology.

Efficiency Games

The Efficiency Games consist of four different games that are projected onto a table. In order to give the projection surface more depth, a relief is used. The respective Unity games use travel guides with NO_THING technology as input controls. To identify the player, an RFID chip is read, which is integrated in the travel guide.

Superhero Games

The Superhero Games are divided into three different Unity games, which are displayed on large wall monitors. An RFID reader is used to identify the player as well as to display the game in the appropriate language. Touch screens are used as input devices for Taxi and Baggage Scan. Trolley, however, uses an electric motor as an input medium, which detects not only the forces on the grip of the Trolley model but provides haptic feedback. amplify design developed the prototype of the trolley model as well as the 3D design of the game itself.

Garden of Harmony

With its interplay of light, projection, interaction and sound, the Garden of Harmony is the main attraction of the Changi Experience Studio. Up to 16 players can create music together by moving the travel guide up and down. amplify design implemented the overall logic as well as the concept for the interaction. In addition, interactive pedals equipped with acceleration sensors were developed. By touching the leaves, light waves and butterflies glide through the Garden of Harmony and create a wonderful ambience.

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