Questions for 2018

The main hypotheses

Trends smell retro, not really future, more influential. Let’s start with questions for 2018 and exchange on the options:

  • Will humans supervise machine or vice versa? Seems operational management is still more suited for machine than cognitive awareness and haptic tasks.

  • Will robots replicate humans or really develop its own artificial nature (an extension to the overall evolution)? Does it help machine to get along with humans to be like a human?

  • Does build-in intelligence convince people to possess and not just share machine? Considering things like customization, data acquisition and potential mining?

  • Is time still core to the orchestration of life? Considering immediate satisfaction of demand, streaming economy and that smart phone beats the check clock. Will you have time in mind looking at your smart watch?

  • Will blockchain based apps and ICOs finally solve real life problems and create sustainable value? What does quantum computing mean to digitally signed values?

  • How will the communication between humans and machine evolve in all permutations? Will human with natural cognition be able to follow machine-machine interaction?

  • Automation/industry tends to reduce diversity in business, food and nature. Will learning machine in mono cultures (compare industrial area versus rainforest) develop an increasing state of artificial dullness? What about humans?

  • As cars augment your ability to see and listen, as IoT instrumented objects guide, support and protect, will elderly and disabled have a better chance for an independent self-determined life? Will (health) insurance focus on infrastructure instead of isolated aids?

  • Will automated car take the lead for the autonomous machine, automotive business become the leader in life support and human augmented automation? For all kind of transports and many life conditions?

  • Will the digital ecosystem disrupt public administration and act as flexible and loyal as civil servants? May public service jobs focus more on human matters than operations?

  • Will IoT developments and infrastructure create more overhead than organic, self organizing services? Will smart contracts save the business case?

  • Can machine build and operate real life ontologies of human habits and behaviour? And therefore intuitively support our life?

  • Will data become the new signature of a few rich and the poor? How can data be shared for the sake of the overall economy and innovations?

2018/01/17 by Eberhard Frank

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